wooden wonderland #4

“Climbing Rocks!”



ENTRY FEE: $35 (pay online of at front desk)

BEGINS: Sept 30th, 4pm

PARTY: Saturday, Nov 9th, 6-10pm


Wooden Wonderland climbing party after week 5

  • Prizes + Food + T-Shirt + Giveaways

  • Mini-comps: Feats of Strength, Take-Away, Limbo, Tug-of-War, (NEW) Enduro Partner Traverse

  • Heel Hook Harry hand stands

  • Heaps of other undisclosed activities

How it works:

  • Each week a new set of boulders will be set, and each boulder will be randomly tagged with a letter from the alphabet.

  • All participants will track their weekly progress with a provided score card.

    • 1 point for sending

    • 1.5 points for flashing (sending on your first attempt).

  • A fellow climber must witness your sends and sign their name on your score card.

  • Turn in score cards at the end of each week.

  • Results will be tallied and publicly posted. Participants will be split into 4 ability levels based upon an even distribution of participants:

    • Lumbering Legends (Beginner)

    • Grippy Goats (Intermediate)

    • Prolific Pushers (Advanced)

    • Benevolent Beasts (Open)

  • Repeat for 5 weeks.