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Cultivating climbers to solve the world’s problems.

Our core belief is that climbing changes people for the better. It really does. It is fun, and, sure, climbers tend to drive cool vans and have good-looking forearms. Beyond this there is something deeper and more primal about climbing that seems to shape a person’s heart in a positive way. We think the combination of community, physical activity, repeated failure to achieve success, and the general discipline/ethos of climbing is beneficial to all. And we want to share it. We want to foster the innate ability of climbing in children and for those wrinkled with wisdom, we hope to re-awaken the joy of climbing. Between the young and the old, everyone can benefit from the climbing experience. We fully believe, 100%, that this experience can (and will) change our community at large.


We are a boutique bouldering gym with an incredible focus on really good route setting. Our gym hosts 70-85 carefully curated bouldering problems, that are reset on a 5-week cycle. Our route setting philosophy offers a clear progression for beginners and competitive climbers alike. We craft joyful challenges for small children, and crimpy compression sequences for calloused fingers.


Our space is inspired to accommodate the little people. We’re working to find a balance between safety and freedom within our space. We have a mini-bouldering wall and 3 auto-belays to provide a place for young children to experience climbing on their own terms. Oh, and we can throw a pretty epic BIRTHDAY PARTY.


Our staff is eager to get you climbing. From gear demos, to clinics, camps to comps, we are here to help engage and grow climbers into a powerful community. See our Events page to see what is coming. We know climbing can and does change lives, we can’t wait to offer that to others.


We love to collaborate with local businesses. Currently, we are raising money for the Thompson School District PTA, providing volunteers for the upkeep of local bouldering areas, and are working with the Platte Valley Youth Detention Center to provide exposure to climbing to those who need it most. If you have any ideas, please reach out!


Wooden Mountain Bouldering gym

  • 7,500+ square foot facility

  • 4,000+ square feet of climbing surface

  • 5 week route rotation with fresh boulders every week

  • 15+ foot tall walls by Vertical Solutions

  • Little humans climbing area

  • training area

  • Wi-Fi, lounge area and workspaces

  • Coffee!!

  • Gear rentals + full retail space

  • Easy access from Loveland, Berthoud, Longmont, Johnstown, Greeley, Windsor and South Fort Collins


The best climber in the world is the one that has the most fun.”

alex lowe



Opening the doors of Wooden Mountain was not an easy project. It started as a cooperative gym concept. The gym would be just bigger than a garage “woody” wall and would have a really cool little community of fun-loving local climbers to support it, set it, and maintain it. Wooden Mountain would climbing accessible for our families and the small climbing community in Loveland. With the help of Heel Hook Harry, we made a website and launched a press release. Turns out, there was WAY more interest than we expected. Our warehouse idea was shut down by the city due to parking issues. On to plan B.

The second space we found was perfect, aside from the fact that it was filthy and needed toilets, but the space had immense potential. We met with the city and everything seemed cool, so we signed a lease. As we applied for permits, our need for toilets triggered many other site improvement requirements (including 65% opaque bushes in the parking lot) that were beyond six-figures affordable. We tucked our tails and negotiated out of our lease. Enter the dark ages.

Amidst the sadness and gnashing of teeth, we were ready to give up. But lo, amidst our wound licking, an email was delivered with news of a new location. We scouted the location, and oh glory; we signed a lease. Like Goldilocks we found our third space ‘jussst right’. And after a vigorous 10 month gestation period, a small, local bouldering gym in Loveland was born.


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