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5% to Schools

Create a passive fundraising revenue stream! For registered schools, we cut a quarterly check equalling 5% of the total revenue generated from students, teachers and families who support our gym. Here’s how it works:

  1. Register your school with our gym.

  2. Spread the word and encourage your students/families/faculty to climb at Wooden Mountain. We can support you with marketing materials if you let us know what you need.

  3. When students/families/faculty come in, they mention your school name when we create their account in our system. They only need to register once per school year. All transactions for the current school year, be it shoe rentals, day passes, retail purchases, memberships, etc. will count towards the 5%.

  4. Every dollar they spend will be tracked and tallied. Quarterly checks will be written, totaling 5% of sales revenue associated with all registered families.

School Fundraisers

Not only can we host your next fundraiser, we can give back a healthy % of the revenue we earn from any fundraiser event. Fundraisers can only be booked on Sunday evenings, 6-9pm. Attendance: 20-163 people.

If you are looking to raise funds for your Parent Teacher Association, we have vouchers what will earn $ for schools. Way better and more profitable than Boxtops. Send us an email for more info: howdy@woodenmountain.com

Parent teacher Vouchers

For the kids who have the drive and need the focus. For the parents who want to see their kids thrive.

Learn more about our Youth Programs HERE.

Youth Programing

Use your imagination 

Can you think of any ways we can further support your school? send us an email with ideas and lets collaborate!