youth programming

Wooden Mountain is developing a youth program: day camps, climbing leagues, teams, coaching, workshops, on and on…

Winter crimpus Camp

Audience: Enthusiastic young climbers that could use abundant wall-dangling sessions over their winter break so as not to lose themselves to the black hole of inactivity and boredom.

Ages: 6-12

Cost: Members - $27/day or $90/week || Non-members - $40/day or $130/week

When: January 2-5; 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

What we will be doing: Preparing tirelessly for the most illustrious and noble of causes: climbing large, in-animate, objects with nothing but our various appendages and shear will power. We will also play games, laugh, eat lunch, meet other like-minded rock-huggers, perfect the art of a well executed high-five, and many other hugely important life skills.

Please register now ($25 deposit) or risk you/your kid potentially never discovering the meaning of life.

(Email for additional questions)



Classes designed to help get you over the hump, learn to bump, and not climb like a chump. Our experienced and psyched staff want nothing more than to see you climbing harder than you ever have before. It makes us happy.

Drop in or register ahead of time at the front desk for these weekly classes.


Instructor: James Hicky. Route-setter and local-legend-in-the-making.

When: Thursdays @ 6 PM. Starting December 6th

What: Movement is everything in climbing (and life). Without good movement bad things happen, or at least not-so-great things ensue. With good movement you can achieve a level of satisfaction that might be unparalleled in the world of nature or even corporate America. Come join us before bad things happen, or worse yet, you lose your stoke.

Cost: Members - $12 || Non-members - $20



Intro to BOuldering

Instructor: Sir Michael Sanders-DeMott of North Rumney

When: Wednesdays @ 6 pm. Starting December 5th

What: Bouldering. You’ve heard of her. You once saw her from a distance and thought “Whoa, I should go introduce myself” but felt a spike of excitement and anxiety and decided against it. Well, let us introduce you! She might make you cry and bleed, but she’ll also make you stronger, take you to places you never thought you’d go, and introduce you to her millions of friends all around the world. We will provide an overview of basic climbing technique as well as terminology and some introductory exercises to work on technique such as footwork and body control. It is everything you need to get off on the right foot before you meet her family, Mr. Alpine, Mrs. Trad, and her classy brother, Sport . . .

Cost: Members - $12 || Non-members - $20