Fitness + training + nutrition + coaching + endorphinS

We now have a full time training/fitness and nutrition coach on our team: Adam Janicki

We are ready to launch a slew of classes and workshops for our members. Let us know what you want to see by filling out the survey below.


Our monthly membership rates are ~$20 less than most climbing gyms. That means more gas money for your annual Joe’s Valley trip.

Fitness Classes

Free access to any and all weekly fitness classes, clinics and workshops

Sunrise Sessions

Expanded hours for members only

Monday / Wednesday / Thursday



Each member is given 2 guest passes/month

Guest passes can be used for any non-member (not just first-time visitors).

Each guest can only use a guest pass one time per month.

Get free climbing + retail Credit

With our Rock Collection program, you can get free stuff when you share the Wooden Mountain love with your friends.

Our staff are super eager to explain how it works, so just ask them.