Knob grabbers. midget monkeys. Dingle biscuits. Whatever you call them, we call them The Future.



We open our gym exclusively for the kiddos. They have free range to roam around the entire gym and rule the world. Then they go home, eat lunch and take a three hour nap.

  • Tuesdays and Fridays, 8:30-10am

  • Includes admission + shoe rental + harness + coffee

  • Parent supervision always required, see rules

  • $8 per kid

The Mezzanine

Imagine 500 square feet of contained, padded, and cushioned space. Now add a mini climbing wall, buckets of toys, and your kids imagination to roam and play. You can sit back and drink coffee while overlooking the entire gym. Maybe you even get some work done at one of our standing desks. Maybe.

routes for tiny hands

If you are tired of your kids clambering all over the furniture, jumping off the back deck or just clawing at your weary parent body, we have a place for you and your precious offsprings.

At any moment, our gym hosts a dozen or so routes designed for those tiny hands that are always reaching. Bring them in a allow them the freedom to express their energy without concern. Walls are meant for climbing, and little humans are born to ascend the tall stuff.