intro to bouldering


Instructor: Sir Michael Sanders-DeMott of North Rumney

When: 7 pm, Weeknights. Must book 5 days ahead of time!

What: Bouldering. You’ve heard of her. You once saw her from a distance and thought “Whoa, I should go introduce myself” but felt a spike of excitement and anxiety and decided against it. Well, let us introduce you! She might make you cry and bleed, but she’ll also make you stronger, take you to places you never thought you’d go, and introduce you to her millions of friends all around the world. We will provide an overview of basic climbing technique as well as terminology and some introductory exercises to work on technique such as footwork and body control. It is everything you need to get off on the right foot before you meet her family, Mr. Alpine, Mrs. Trad, and her classy brother, Sport.

Cost: Members - $24 || Non-members - $44