Hospitality Ops manager

This person will start as a Hospitality Operative and will grow into the role of Manager over the course of 1-6 months, working closely with our Owner/Manager to establish best practices and policies for our Hospitality Team (HT).

Time: Full-Time/Part-Time to start. Position will grow as needed.

Pay: $12-18/hr

The Hospitality Ops Manager (HM) will be in charge of managing the HT. The primary goal for the HM will be to ensure the Wooden Mountain customer service is consistent and held to a reasonably high standard in accordance with our mission of creating community through climbing.

- Extensive customer service experience
- Management of small to medium-sized teams
- Conflict resolution a plus
- Climbing experience a plus

- Ability to operate computers, spreadsheets, Google Suites, and learn new programs used for WM's point of sale (POS), schedule management, and staff communications.
- Ability to develop processes to help smoothly operate WM's Hospitality Team
- Ability to work closely with the Owner/Manager
- Ability to work closely with the Hospitality Operators (HO) to meet and coordinate individual development and needs

- Manage HT scheduling
- HT training and performance reviews
- Build the HT Team and develop youth leaders, coaches, and event operators
- Work closely with the Owner/Manager