Hospitality Operative

Time: Part-Time to Full-Time

Pay: $11-13/hr

Requirements: Must be 18 or older

A Hospitality Operative will provide our customers will everything that they need to enjoy their stay and most importantly, come back. The Hospitality Operatives will be out-going, friendly, and dedicated to the mission and vision of Wooden Mountain in creating a community through climbing. The HO's will go to great lengths to make sure all guests are welcomed and that their visit to WM is the highlight of their day, every time they come in.

An HO will be self-directed, have integrity, and will take the time to understand the current routes, event schedules, and other goings on at the Gym.

Responsibilities and skills include but aren't limited to:

- On-boarding new members and guest orientation
- Greeting existing members
- Opening and Closing gym
- Gym monitoring and upkeep
- Identifying and addressing customer needs
- Maintaining and organizing rental shoes and equipment
- Understanding the current routes & beta
- Retail sales, and knowledge of inventory

We'd be stoked if you also possessed:

- Strong interpersonal and communication skills
- Ability to improvise and respond appropriately in a customer service role
- Ability to learn and operate the required scheduling and gym management software
- Ability to function as a part of a team
- Self-directed & motivated
- Strong work ethic