HomeSchool Phys Ed


Audience: Home-schoolers

Instructor: Coach Adam

When: Re-starting Fall of 2019, Wednesdays 9:00 am – 10:30 am

Ages: 6-14, parents are welcome


  • $160 ten sessions

  • $19 drop-in


  • $88 ten sessions

  • $11 drop-in

Here is the skinny

Our little people will ingest nuggets of experiential wisdom, obtain physical awareness, practice how to approach life challenges, acquire survival techniques, practice fear domination, undergo risk-assessment exercises, learn historical tidbits, rehearse general hygiene, and heaps of other super-practical and quasi-radical skills. All of this will be efficiently packed into ten 1.5 hour sessions.

Each session will explore a topic, stretch bodies, and expand minds through a lesson and guided bouldering session, followed by a tasty snack and a debriefing powwow.

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“Well-educated offspring can guarantee minimal life Tangles, while maximizing rock dangles”

-heel hook harry