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Become the best version of yourself (and get super swoll)


Getting “super swoll” may not be your goal (and it most likely isn’t). Regardless, we exist to support your fitness vision. Be it climbing harder, achieving a healthy BMI, or maintenance for the long haul, our team is highly skilled and motivated to push you. Let’s toss that bod into submission. A healthy submission. Psyched submission.


Make puddles of sweat with your friends.


Nothing beats having a personal coach.


Perhaps you have never climbed before? We can show you the ropes. Hoping to push your sending into higher grades? We have the beta.


Eating food is just putting something inside of your stomach so your body can absorb it.


If Chuck Norris can blow bubbles with beef jerky…



All classes are $12 per session


Beast Strength

This is the class that opens up the world of boulder crushing ascents. Send grades beyond your wildest dreams via hypertrophy (muscle building) exercises, pyramid training, and delicious fact nuggets on sending and projecting.

MONDAYS - 6:30-7:30pm

climbing specific Training

Be the best version of your spider-climbing self. This class will start with a warm up and goal-oriented climbing. Next will be circuit training designed to get your systems primed and pumping. After this climbing technique will be emphasized: learning to smear, proper heal hooking, drop knee, and extending through your hip. Finally, the class will end with a cool down and quality stretching.

TUESDAYS - 6:30-7:30pm

Power Endurance Climbing

This is a fitness class focused on projecting boulders. Coach Adam will critique participants on form, technique, and improving your climbing. We will also do endurance-based climbing drills to increase your overall fitness level. This flows perfectly with our other classes and will feed your need to morph into a well-rounded boulder crushing monster. Some call them trolls, ogres, or rock apes. We call them members ... and friends.

WEDNESDAYS - 6:30-7:30pm (starting 9/18)

Injury Prevention and Antagonists

This class focuses on injury prevention and balancing your body. When ascending the heights, muscles used for pulling are used. This class is designed to strengthen the opposite muscles neglected by many climbers.The priority of the injury prevention class is to keep those lonely muscles strong, identify your weaknesses, and take care of your body. This class will also have an emphasis on core strengthening, and you will leave feeling pumped in mind and body.

THURSDAYS - 6:30-7:30pm


climb-better workshops


Designed to get you over the hump, learn to bump, and not climb like a chump. Introduction to bouldering for new members and those who need a formal breakdown of all things climbing. Get schooled on the delicate world of climbing etiquette. Learn how to fall with agility, and without injury. Understand the various hold categories and body positions. Gather knowledge of the secret climbing techniques passed down from the ages and how to apply them for efficient ascension.

We want nothing more than to see you climbing real nice and good. Our highly experienced staff will get you there.

Intro to BOuldering

First and third Tuesday of the month, 7-8pm

$24 for members / $44 for non-members (includes day pass and shoe rental)


meet coach adam

multiple degrees. health and nutrition boss. pretty chill dude.



Born and raised in Connecticut, Coach Adam grew up an athlete.  Excelling at Soccer, Lacrosse, Karate (black belt), and Baseball, he was always playing a sport. As his career and life got busy, his metabolism slowed with age. After a few 25 pound weight fluctuations, he found it necessary to find a new healthy balance. His love for climbing and the outdoors, paired with a sustainable routine, pulled him back to center.

Coach Adam’s education and experience has delivered the tools necessary to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness at 35, and he can’t wait to share his unique understanding of the human body with you. If you don’t find Coach Adam in Wooden Mountain, he may be climbing up at Rocky Mountain National Park, surfing on either coast, or doing Acro Yoga in the park.


  • Climbing since 2003

  • Hueco Tanks Climbing Guide for 12 years

  • Climbed in America, Spain, and Thailand

  • Climbs strong and crushes big boulders


  • Licensed Registered, Dietetic Technician (DTR) since 2011

  • NASM Personal Trainer since 2013

  • Coaching Behavior Change Specialist

  • Expert in Adult Weight Management

  • Certificate in Sports Nutrition

  • Obesity Intervention Specialist


Nutrition Counseling


Your body needs to absorb the good stuff.

Coach Adam is a nationally licensed Registered, Dietetic Technician (DTR). Through personal training and nutrition coaching, he has helped several clients lose over thirty pounds in just three months. Through a healthy, non-confrontational style he will guide you to a healthy weight loss plan. Normally, small dietary adjustments are encouraged, however he can also create tailored diet plans. Initial visits start at $55 for fifty minutes with follow-up sessions set at $35 for 30 minutes. Three months packages can be purchased as well with a 10% discount.

Contact Coach Adam to learn more about Nutritional Counseling: coach@woodenmountain.com

(Your privacy is our priority. All correspondence is in accordance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule)


Personal Training


for both climbers and non-climbers. also pseudo-climbers.

Fitness for all!  No matter your physique, athletic ability, or long time gym absence, Coach Adam is the right trainer for you! Armed as a nationally licensed nutritionist (DTR) and certified as an Personal Trainer (NASM), Coach Adam will formulate the best fitness plan for you. He has guided many clients to loose over 30 pounds in three months and can help you achieve your own goals. With healthy lifestyle, habit, diet, and exercise changes, you will be on track to reach your goals the second you sign up.

With fifteen years of climbing experience, Coach Adam has a deep understanding of what it means to be a rock climber. He will help you meet your climbing goals through a tailored program of strength training, power endurance, overall fitness, injury prevention, and basic to advanced rock climbing skills. Coach Adam has climbed V11 outside, and knows what it takes to get there.

Three month programs are ideal to achieve the best results for all levels of ability. We are offering a summer special of $45 for a 45 minute session, and a 10% discount for a three month package.

Contact Coach Adam to learn more about Personal Training: coach@woodenmountain.com

Now is the time, Coach Adam is eager to meet you!