F/A Club

Welcome to the Wooden Mountain First Ascent Club.

The F/A Club exists to help us create the climbing gym of your deepest dream sessions. We believe a community led approach is essential to foster and grow a thriving population of folks who enjoy the act of ascension.

Filling out the form below will enable us to understand who you are, why you climb, and ultimately, how a small collection of people can make Northern Colorado more awesome! 

As a F/A Club member, we want you to contribute your insights, in order to influence the many decisions that go into building a climbing gym. We will keep you in the loop regarding:

  • Community engagement opportunites
  • Developments in wall and gym design
  • Gear and membership promotions
  • Ideas for future expansions
  • Exclusive climbing sessions on us

Thank you for helping make this gym a deeper reality.


Adam, Brian and Evan (Co-Founders)