Love + Climbing

If you are a climber who lives outside of Fort Collins or Boulder, you probably have a substantial commute to access the nearest gym. If you plug in the proper search engine query, it will propagate a map of climbing gym locations in Northern Colorado. You will find:

  • 4 gyms in Fort Collins
  • 4 gyms in Boulder
  • 1 recreational gym in Greeley
  • 1 gym in Estes Park
  • 0 gyms in Longmont and Loveland

Wooden Mountain plans to fix this gap in the market. As climbers who live in Loveland, we are tired of driving a traffic-filled half-hour to satiate the need for a little burn session. Our hope is to create a new home for climbers who live in this gap, a new space for core muscles to fire and tendons to become tense.

We are excited to offer a climbing gym for this community, and we plan to open our walls this fall. If you want to be involved, click HERE, so we can clip you in with updates and gather personal insights as we develop a climbing utopia.


Adam and Evan (Co-Founders)