Wooden Mountain Bouldering Gym is currently being constructed. However, prior to our big launch, we are gathering a small crew from the community to climb with us. If you are committed to climbing and live in Northern Colorado, please, click the button below so we can keep you in the loop as we move forward. Trust us, when the last screw is drilled and pad installed, we will start setting problems, and we want you to be there for some first ascents...


We are Wooden


Nestled along the Front Range of Colorado, we offer the only climbing gym in Loveland: a little "wooden mountain" for climbers to gather, strengthen their tendons, and train for bigger ascents. We may not be the biggest gym in Northern Colorado, but we have a big heart for community and offer a very beautiful wooden wall. Our gym nods in homage to the roots of early climbing gyms while still acknowledging the need for modernization, clean holds and good flow.


Anticipated Business Hours*

Monday-Thursday: 11am-9pm

Friday/Saturday: 10am-10pm

Sunday: TBD

*Hold your horses, we are not open yet...


1503 Taurus Ct, Loveland, CO 80537